What To Do


I feel a strange foreboding. Maybe it’s just a mood. Or a sense of imminent change. Fear of the unknown. Fear of separation. Unease. Maybe it’s overconsumption of the news cycle. The way it renders me inert. What is the next right action? I think, smile. First, just smile at the kids. Toss the ball in the air. Notice the cranberry-colored leaves and the white leaves covering the grass like confetti, like wedding petals, like evidence of a grand party, like so many wishes, a soft, extravagant carpet for your feet to tread. Notice the light. Lift your face to the sun. Watch the way it spills through the branches and scatters itself over the ground. Then think of the next thing you must do. Choose one thing. And see it through.

(Post 301 of 365)


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