A Hundred Other Things

You know those days you just feel tired–nothing left, like a husk emptied of its seed? Like the wind could carry you away.

Then I think of my great-grandmother, mother of thirteen, and marvel, how did she do it?

I’d love to have a conversation with her, to ask her that, and a hundred other things.

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2 thoughts on “A Hundred Other Things”

  1. Yes! Yes – I often think that – not even with that many, which is staggering, mindblowing, but even like 5 kids – and the expectation for a real dinner every night, not something thrown haphazardly together, and the clothes to wash by hand, and on and on and on. How did they do it?

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    1. Washing clothes by hand! That hadn’t even occurred to me. I just kept thinking, all that need. But I suppose, whoever was the youngest each year would get her attention. The others would probably rely on each other. But still.


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