Molasses Cookies


We began baking at 6:00 this morning. A double-batch of chocolate chip cookies, and then molasses cookies. The molasses are tricky. The recipe is from my grandmother’s original handwritten recipe, an ingredient list with measurements and oven temp. No instructions. But bright memories. She would always let me lick the molasses-coated spoon. The recipe is so sensitive, you have only to be in an off mood to botch the batch. So this morning’s achievement, that perfect crackle, the smell of cinnamon and ginger and cloves, was like my grandmother arriving in my kitchen. Her calm-busy-gentle essence filling the room as I roll the dough into little balls and cover them in sugar.

For the first time in years, we’re spending Thanksgiving at home. The week is bookended with travel–our trip on Monday, and then my husband’s trip to London on Sunday–so we decided to stay local. It feels so peaceful and relaxing to be home for the holiday. Tomorrow we’ll wake up with a morning fire, watch the Macy’s Day Parade, and bake the apple pie. Maybe I’ll even get some writing done.


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5 thoughts on “Molasses Cookies”

    1. We always seem to be discovering these parallels, Sarah! Will you make molasses cookies for your Thanksgiving table?

      Also, in case I made our holiday seem too quiet, we’ll be feasting with family later this afternoon. And tomorrow we have our annual Thanksgiving celebration hosted by my mom and stepdad. There are 23 of us total, 10 hooligan grandchildren running around. Anything but quiet!

      I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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      1. Sorry it took me so long to reply! I can’t get over all these similarities….my mom’s family is also huge (she was on of twelve!) so I know exactly what you mean about dozens of hooligan grandkids running around! How fun! We haven’t baked cookies yet but will start soon and molasses is for sure on the list. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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  1. Laughed about the list of ingredients w/out instructions. Love that. Also makes me happy to think of you staying home (altho I see in the comments it wasn’t like a totally quiet, at-home, immediate-family only affair). I think there’s something so important about staying home sometimes, even if only for the morning. My habit has always been racing, racing, racing off on holidays. Catching an early train. Throwing unwrapped presents into a bag along with tape, scissors & a roll of wrapping paper. I guess all this is related to another post where I’ve thought about how planning really does allow one to enjoy things more. Take time with them. As long as the planning doesn’t get obsessive & frantic (which is how I think I’ve often seen it in others…and therefore resisted it). Sorry – this went way off on tangent but I’ve been thinking about your process of discovery and how sometimes little things, minutiae even, relate to, illuminate even, the bigger forces at work.

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    1. I love the image of you throwing unwrapped presents into a bag with all the wrapping essentials! That was me last year, except a day late with some of it. And I didn’t even have a train to catch! I’m not a natural planner, certainly not one of those obsessive planners, so it takes a big effort to get my ducks in a row, or more like a zig-zag. So true how the little things illuminate the bigger forces. Thank you for giving me that idea to ponder.


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