There were so many words in my head this morning, but I only had an hour before the brimful day began, and I chose to jog instead of write. So tonight, a meager offering. A reminder that this is just how some days go. But even these fews words keep me tethered.

(Post 310 of 365)


5 thoughts on “Tethered”

    1. Many days are a struggle, Tara! Pretty early into the project I surrendered to that fact that some days are purely process, creating that well-worn rut that is habit.


    1. If it weren’t for the daily commitment here, I wouldn’t have shown up to the page. But the act of writing, composing a few thoughts, does have a grounding effect. You’ve done an incredible job capturing the post-election period, and I am grateful for your writing at Last American Childhood. Thank you for continuing to show up there, even on the difficult days.


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