Tiny Triumph

[Photo of naked toddler with fairy wings decorating Christmas tree.]

Isn’t it magical? A naked Christmas faerie appeared this morning and rearranged the ornaments on the tree. Later in the afternoon we cut paper snowflakes. And between those two short-lived activities, we potty-trained. Which looked mostly like this:

[Photo of child in high chair with hand raised, tearfully expressing the word “no.”]

Potty-training the resistance, an utterly exhausting process that requires equal parts enthusiasm and patience. But we did it. We had that triumphant moment when she initiated the potty before the timer went off, and she did it! Cheering and high-fives and stickers and smiles. That was our win for the day. I wanted to write about Lucia Berlin, but that will have to wait until tomorrow (because a migraine is now taking over.)

Goodnight, sweet readers. Sleep well.

(Post 320 of 365)


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