Keep Going

Strange December. The news cycle churns. And everything feels uncertain. Russian hackers. Aleppo lost. But I keep checking off the to-do list. I booked my daughter’s birthday party. We keep going, hoping it will all be fine.

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4 thoughts on “Keep Going”

    1. Thank you for this, Sarah! Your comment brightened the morning. I felt so down yesterday after reading so much bad news.

      Your doppelgänger theory might be right! My little one’s birthday is January 11th! How funny, all these things we have in common. Are you planning a party?

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      1. The stream of news yesterday was beyond bleak. I’m glad I could help brighten the morning. And yes, we are planning a party too! My sister is going to be in town and is making a special Princess Ariel cake for my daughter Zoey. This is the first year she wanted a party with friends and I’m so excited for her! Any special birthday requests from your birthday girl?


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