Ghost of Christmas Past

Still shopping. Sort of breathing. Raising my voice too often. The Christmas countdown is on. As my friend said to me today, “Merry Cranksmas!” Solidarity feels so good.

In my attempt to stay organized this year I created a spreadsheet. Not including our immediate family, our list is 28-people long (plus one birthday and two Yankee swaps), so I think the spreadsheet is justifiable. (And yes, I know we haven’t even reached the territory of teachers’ gifts, etc.) Last year while trying to wrangle Christmas, I made a simple Word doc with notes about each event and how to best prepare and which gifts to have by which dates and when to bake cookies and the best time to host out-of-towners etc, etc. At the end of this helpful doc (which, of course, I’m finally reading now, just days before Christmas), I wrote:

12/26: Plan NOTHING for this day!!! DAY OF REST. Go outside and be in nature. Take a walk, go sledding. Play with new toys. Eat healthy food. Take a nap. Read a book. Tidy up, but don’t spend the whole day cleaning.

Additional Notes:

  • If planning with out-of-town friends, grab pizza. This is easier than hosting at home around the holidays (too much prep and clean-up).
  • Don’t drink alcohol or eat sweets–you’ll just be more exhausted.
  • Get in as much exercise as possible.

Isn’t that a sweet little note I left for myself? Oh dear tired nursing mama of Christmas past, you tried so hard. You did your best. Why is it so much easier to be gentle with our past self than our present self? As for 12/26 being a day of rest, I have to laugh, because this year it’s packed brimful with three different rounds of visitors, and we’re totally hosting dinner with friends from out of town that night. But I remembered pizza! We’ll be ordering out. And it will all be lovely.

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5 thoughts on “Ghost of Christmas Past”

  1. Impressed with the organization. Yes the teachers’ & bus drivers’ gifts do add in another 10-20 people (right now our kids are at different schools, so much like 20). Plus, since I only just now started activities for my 3rd grader, I only this year realized those teachers go on the list, too. Trying to remind myself it is not “one more thing” in a negative way, but one more source of joy and light that we are acknowledging. However schlepping around, standing in lines, overheated with too many layers on in crowded stores, carrying, carrying, carrying so much constantly, never an in-between moment (lie: here’s a moment now, while I get to go to your blog)-it really does feel like an endless To Do in a demanding way.

    I cannot fathom your restraint w/ alcohol. I’m so impressed/jealous/irritated (irritated – at myself).

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