New Year’s Eve Eve

The new year is almost here and I have my 2017 list bubbling in the back of my brain. I need get it all down on paper, my dreams, wishes, and goals, for the coming year. Whether it be sorcery or superstition, I believe in the power of this ritual, this invocation of my heart’s desires.

I’ll also create a gratitude list for 2016, which I’m picturing more like a growth a chart, mostly because of this project and a year spent writing. 2016 has been a year of learning and growing and stretching and striving. A year of connection. A year of ideas.

I’ve been jotting down my thoughts here and there, in notebooks, in blog drafts, in the notes app on my phone. (Oh, to be an organized person!) Tomorrow I promise to sit down with it all and sort through it. Typically, I reflect and then set goals for the coming year. This year will be a bit different. I need all my goals and wishes jotted down tomorrow for New Year’s Eve, because yes, I’m superstitious. But I’ll continue to reflect a lot in the coming weeks as this project draws to a close.

I’m so glad I chose not to begin on January 1st last year. I’m never one for being right on time, so I was true to myself, starting out on January 20th, an arbitrary date early in the year, a date I felt ready to begin. Of course, I remember it taking me a good two weeks to compose that first blog post. It felt so precious and important. I’m glad to have shaken off that feeling. Now it’s old hat. Routine. In those first days, I was so afraid of being seen, of saying anything out loud. What a relief to have shaken that off too. My nature is shy and introverted, but certainly not silent.

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3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Eve”

    1. It is! I’ll always be grateful that you started yours late, that I was able to follow the last leg of your project, that you were there offering inspiration at just the right moment. Thank you, Cynthia!

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