I Will Wait

Happy 2017, friends! We rang in the new year last night with my sister and brother-in-law. A delicious dinner, a cozy fire, music, and bubbly. I even made it until midnight and watched the ball drop thanks to Chris, who went upstairs and lulled our coughing, feverish girl back to sleep. We’d been watching Mumford & Sons live at Red Rocks. I told my sister “I Will Wait For You” was the song I sang during those long years we were trying to get pregnant. It was my hymn. The song is all about waiting–“But I’ll kneel down/wait for now/I’ll kneel down/Know my ground”–and yet it has a galloping rhythm. The banjos race. That was my inner state for almost three years. And now here we are, our daughter almost three years old. She is the reason I will always believe in magic as much as persistence. Never have I wanted something or someone so much in my entire life. I keep thinking about the future, my many goals, the list I wanted to have ready for the first day of the new year. But I realized, I’m still reflecting. I was so grateful for the chance to think of that song, of everything it meant to me, the chance to look at how far we’ve come.

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2 thoughts on “I Will Wait”

  1. So lovely. Hope the little one is recovering – poor thing. I have to say I really like that you are taking out the time to reflect. I keep thinking lately about how I too want to race along, like the banjos, with new thoughts, ideas, goals, projects, but that I’m not even back at baseline to begin doing that, really. There is so much resting and reflection that still needs to happen. I am trying for it in little pockets of time – a shower by myself with new lavender soap, a cup of tea just staring out the window, a minute to enjoy the Xmas tree alone in the dark room, before we take it down. It’s so good how aware you are of what your little magical girl means to you.

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