Crossing the Finish Line

I’d intended to get fresh thoughts down this morning for my final post in this 365-consecutive-day series, but I dodged it. I dragged my feet. Procrastination, I’ve learned, is part of the process. The whole time you’re writing in your head–that’s part of the work too.

A few things I can say with certainty on the last day: I have found my way back to me. I pushed aside that paralyzing and imaginary concept of perfection. I walked through my fear back to myself.

I learned, or rather I taught myself, that the main thing is showing up. The action is everything.

I found my voice again. And my strength.

In light of all that lies ahead, for us and for our country, I can think of no better way to leave off. Strong in my sense of self. Strong voice. Ready to show up and do the work.

On Saturday, I’ll take an early train into NYC for the Women’s March.

And in a week, I’ll be back with a new post. Imagine, a whole week between posts?

(Post 365 of 365 ~ I did it!!!)


17 thoughts on “Crossing the Finish Line”

  1. Congratulations! Feels amazing, doesn’t it? But also a little anti-climactic? And the next day you’re not sure where to put your fingers, if not on a keyboard?? That’s how I felt. Anyway, I love this: “I have found my way back to me. I pushed aside that paralyzing and imaginary concept of perfection. I walked through my fear back to myself.” Yes, Yes, Yes. And discovering that just showing up is 98% of the battle–absolutely. That’s what a committed writing practice does and there is no replacement for it. And now for a practical Q: I don’t see a place to subscribe to your blog so I’ll get an e-mail each time you post? I’m not good with the other sort of following b/c I just never check my reader–my mind doesn’t work that way. I need a big, fat, bold-faced reminder sitting in my e-mail inbox. Am I missing your e-mail subscription thingy, or do you not have one?

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    1. Thanks so much, Claire! It does feel amazing! But also, yes, anti-climatic. There’s a title I invented and kept inverting over the last two weeks: “Results May Be Quietly Spectacular” and “Results May Be Spectacularly Quiet.” Both felt true (and still do). I love that you can relate so well to everything I wrote on the last day. Your words mean so much to me!

      Thank you for the practical questions about my lazy housekeeping/admin skills. I don’t know where my follow button went, but I’m so glad you brought it to my attention. I added a widget and I hope it works! Let me know if you have any trouble with it. And thank you again for all the great feedback!


      1. Okay, you’re going to use both of those fab titles to produce two related pieces, now, right? RIGHT??

        The list of folks who have written something complete every single day for a year has to be very, very short, and we have to stick together! I forgot to mention the best part of finishing, by the way: Now you know you can do anything.

        Thanks for the button, will go forth now….

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    1. Thank you, Rachel! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with me through the course of this project, for your incredible wisdom, feedback, encouragement, advice, and support. It’s been an invaluable gift. It would be magic to see each other tomorrow!


  2. I somehow missed this final post! Congrats, Sarah, what an accomplishment! The writing daily but also the coming home to self. I look forward to your weekly posts, and will be thinking of you on Saturday. Stay safe! xo

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