Fraser Island, Australia, 2001. Just after our vehicle was pulled out of a sand trench. Me, in the middle, white shirt. My friend Christine giving the peace sign. 

I prefer adventure to vacation. Even now, at midlife.

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I Was Adventurous: 13/365

Once I was a girl on a catamaran off the coast of Cape Tribulation, Australia who put on a wet suit and scuba gear – no certification, no lesson – and plunged into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. No single experience in my life has been so completely exhilarating and peaceful at the same time. Breathing underwater. The coral landscape dancing with a thousand secrets. Slippery sea cucumbers. Schools of technicolor fish hovering, darting, mouthing inaudible thoughts. Colors so varied and bright, it was like seeing color for the first time. I followed a school of fish and, for a moment, I could not decipher up from down. My heart got fast. When you become disoriented underwater, you have to pause and float. Be still. And look for the light. It’s only once you find the light, you can begin swimming again.