If the Season We Could Keep


Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement during this wacky week of Intro to Potty Training. I swear I’m going to stop writing about it. Today is a better day for no particular reason other than it just is. These last few days I’ve wanted to hit fast-forward, but last month I wrote this essay about the moments I wish I could keep, and it’s on the Brain, Child blog today. A good reminder that there are so many little joys and that things are changing all the time.

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Navigational Fatigue

This morning I need to write a casual bio/intro for the Flash Nano group I joined, and I found myself writing, I am a time thief, scurrying around with my notebook and laptop. I’m a slow writer, always trying to pick up my pace. My published nonfiction essays have to be produced and polished fairly quickly. Lately I find myself bumping up against the border of what I can’t write about, wanting to dig into deeper truths but mindful not to overshare. I’m experiencing a bit of navigational fatigue in that realm.

Navigational fatigue. I’m feeling it big time. (Sidenote: Halloween candy does not cure this form of fatigue. However, it may at least get me through this blog post.) I suppose this is a common problem for nonfiction writers. Is anyone else out there bumping against that border lately?

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New Essay Up

A few weeks back I wondered if silliness might be the answer to everything. More on that in my newest essay over at Brain, Child Magazine today, where I can be seen in full kangaroo costume.

I get pretty nervous when these essays go live. I wonder if they’ll be well-received, whether they’ll resonate, whether I’ve found an important enough truth. I go back and forth between focusing on the positive and digging into the difficult stuff. Thank you, my dear readers, for all your support, your kind words, the time you take to read and respond. Really, I am so grateful.

It’s sunny and chilly here in the Northeast, yet the leaves on our maple are still green. I’m hoping the foliage will continue into November. Anyone dressing up for Halloween?

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Stay the Course

Thoughts spider in different directions. Distractions. Self-doubt. Imposter Syndrome. The push-pull of mother vs. writer. The search for self. For beauty. For truth. Is it worth it?

Writers write about this stuff all the time. I could link to a hundred essays, recommend podcasts, pull from the stack of books on the shelf.

One thing I know is, beneath all that noise, is a steady heartbeat thumping stay the course.

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Dollhouse Dreaming

My new essay “Dollhouse Dreaming” is up at Brain,Child today. I’m still ridiculously excited about the dollhouse we ordered from a toymaker in Maine. The pieces are here, waiting to be assembled. I’ll post a photo once we’ve put it together. Now to make and collect some miniatures… We will definitely need two little cats…

Huge thanks to all you dear readers for taking the time to read and share and comment on these essays. You’ve been so generous, and I am so grateful.

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Breathing Under Water


Good morning friends! My new essay Breathing Under Water is up on the Brain, Child blog today. I hope you’ll give it a read when you have a chance. My heartfelt thanks for all your support!

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