A Bear, Tomatoes, and an Exercise in Resisting in Metaphor

A black bear is wandering our small city. Braving the busy main roads, trotting down quiet side streets and into little backyards, finding temporary refuge in the marshes and sparse woods. Two days ago, he was across from my mother’s house, … Continue reading

A Mother’s Garden

To my lovely readers, if you’re not yet tired of my garden tales, I have a new essay up at Brain, Child today and would be honored if you gave it a read.

Happy August, a day late! This has become a thing with me, running a little late, scurrying to keep up. Insomnia and little panics. A mom thing? A summer thing? I’m not sure. The jam-packed calendar feels both exciting and daunting. If any of you masters of time management have strategies to offer, I’d love to hear them!

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