Almost every evening my two-year old and I make a salad for dinner. It’s much easier and more fun to share an activity than have her tug at my knees while I try to cook. We begin by peeling a clove of garlic and pushing it through the press. We add olive oil and balsamic vinegar to the bowl and stir to make a simple dressing. Then we prepare the vegetables. My little helper crunches carrots and celery and cucumber and tomatoes while I peel and chop. She eats enough vegetables during our evening ritual, I don’t have to worry if she doesn’t eat so many during dinner. We make a darn good salad. Oh and once upon a time I had a food blog.

Darn Good Salad

Begin with the dressing, mixed with a fork in your serving bowl: 1 clove garlic, (pressed), olive oil, good balsamic vinegar. 

Mixed baby greens and/or romaine lettuce

Carrots, thinly sliced rounds (we like purple and yellow carrots)

Cucumber, peeled, seeded, and chopped

Celery, remove fibrous strings then chop

Cherry tomatoes, sliced 

Gorgonzola cheese crumbles


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Baking: 67/365

The thing I love about baking is the way you can count on it. If you have a reliable recipe and follow all the steps, you will have a near perfect result.

When the unexpected keeps popping up, a little predictability is nice.

Natural Rhythms: 49/365

This morning Isabella woke early. I reached for my phone and turned it on to check the time. She began to nurse and I instantly succumb to scrolling, first the weather, then I’ll move on to pages of unread articles. Except this morning our internet was down. So I put my phone down. I basked in the quiet and looked at my little girl’s face.

Soon we were bouncing out of bed and starting the coffee and scooping plain yogurt and frozen blueberries onto a plate, sprinkling cinnamon on her yogurt. Sentences are already springing from my brain. I silently repeat a couple of ideas like mini mantras in an effort not to forget them. Normally I would steal a few minutes at the computer while she eats her breakfast, the two of us occupying the same table, together but apart.

Today the computer wasn’t an option. So I got my mug of coffee and sat down next to her while she ate, watched her pinch fat blueberries between her tiny fingers and deftly spoon yogurt into her little heart-shaped mouth. We chatted contentedly. She fed me blueberries, saying, “here you go, honey, you eat it.” Amidst the chatting and blueberry-sharing I reached for a pen and managed to fill up one page, catching the ideas I didn’t want to lose.

Technology runs insidious interference on our lives, seeps into every quiet gap creating a low and steady buzz. White noise, like the whir of a fan. I have a thing about white noise, especially the sound of a fan. It makes me tense and itchy. If a fan’s been running and then finally turned off, it’s the biggest relief. That’s how this morning felt. No interference. I was able to hear the natural rhythm of the morning and we moved to it in sync. I even got a little writing done.