There Is Only Today: 18/365


I realized a lot of my recent posts have been about the past.

The real-time me worries about the future, trying to problem-solve things that can’t be solved in the space of a single day.

I was impatient and frustrated this morning, mostly because I wasn’t able to write; (not writer’s block, but family block – is that a thing? It should be.)

This photo was taken today. This afternoon. I look at it and think, oh my God, I am so lucky. Get out of your head, girl. There is only today.


Snow: 4/365

It’s finally here, the first real snow, a blizzard with big wind gusts and swirling flakes. Drifts on the front porch. The mute grey sky. Cats curled up. Baby napping. Chris clapping out wood and re-stacking the pile. I got the fire going again. Crackle, hiss.

I love the peacefulness of snow, the way it makes everything quiet. No cars, no sounds. That tucked-in, hunkered-down feeling. It throws a blanket over everything, even the chatter of anxiety, my frequent companion.

That’s something I’ve realized about this daily practice. Just four days in, and it’s already redirecting my thoughts. It forces focus. It quiets the swirl of rumination. It brings peacefulness too.