Bullet Journal

Thank you for all your responses to my post two days ago about wanting to convert my to-do list into an organizational system! Your comments, texts, and emails were so appreciated.

The bullet journal method immediately clicked for me, and I decided to jump right in yesterday. Continue reading

Migraine: 82/365

Something that’s almost impossible to write through: a migraine. It hit late Friday afternoon, and three days later, there’s still a foggy, electric halo around my brain. I wait for it to lift, like stormy weather.

Grateful: 25/365

I got taken out by a migraine today, so my valentine swooped in with his Best Dad Ever cape and saved the day. While I drifted in and out of sleep, I could hear them downstairs chatting and laughing, building a giant Lego playground, eating lunch together. Sweet, sweet sounds. I am so grateful for my beautiful family.